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0330 053 6086
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Opening Hours
New Enquiries 0330 053 6086
Existing Customers call 0333 015 1259
Email us at enquiries@jgenvironmental.co.uk

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      Dead Animal Removal Berkshire

      Rapid response- within 2 hrs!

      JG Pest Control provides carcass removal for all of Berkshire including areas.


      Dead animal removal in Harrow & Kingston in the west. Romford & Ilford in the east. Croydon & Bromley in the South. Plus in the north Barnet & Watford and Redbridge in Berkshire . Our dead animal removal and disposal service also extends to areas of the Home Counties including Surrey, Slough, Reading and North Sussex.

      We offer a specialist dead animal removal service so if you need our help and advice call: 0330 053 6086 or email us at enquiries@jgpestcontrol.co.uk (emergency emails always answered even out of hours).

      As a family run business we pride ourselves on our level of customer service, providing fast and discreet carcass removal. Our team is friendly and understanding and our prices are extremely competitive. Giving customers value for money is at the heart of everything we do.

      How do I get rid of a Dead Animal Carcass?

      Call JG Pest Control and whatever the problem we promise to deliver a discreet service to remove and dispose of the carcass. Over the years we have helped in the removal of many dead animals such as mice and rats, all the way to cats and dogs and badgers and foxes

      When you contact JG Pest Control we will come out as soon as it is convenient. We are aware that you lead busy lives and have many other priorities. Our technicians will always call you when they are on route to your premises, so that you are ready for the appointment. The technician will remove the carcass and leave a full report of the situation. Our carcass removal service ensures that the animal is disposed of in line with our waste agreement policy. We also decontaminate the area with disinfectant, ensuring your premises retain an appropriate level of hygiene.

      Dead Animal Removal Service

      Whether you live or work in an urban or a rural setting it is always distressing when you come across a dead animal that has somehow found its way onto your property. Perhaps the animal died of starvation or expired due to old age. Maybe you have a cat that is fond of leaving you parcels you would rather not touch. Unfortunately these occurrences are all too common. Nevertheless, JG Pest Control is here to help.

      Our number is: 0330 053 6086 Alternatively email enquiries@jgpestcontrol.co.uk. (Emergency emails always answered even out of hours).

      Removing Unwanted Dead Animal Smells

      In cases where the body has decomposed and has begun to leave a distasteful, lingering smell, we will conduct a de-odorising treatment to rid your property of any unwanted smells left by the unfortunate animal. If you need this service, be sure to stipulate this when you arrange the original booking because we need to prepare this treatment in advance of the visit.

      The typical examples of dead animal removal we are called upon to provide are.

      • Dead Rat Removal
      • Dead Fox Removal
      • Dead Cat Removal
      • Dead Pet Removal and Disposal
      • Other Dead animal removal

      JG Pest Control are open 7 days a week to help you with the disposal of dead animals. We know it’s a sensitive issue and we’re here to provide the most cost effective service that is sympathetic to your requirements.

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